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Book Publishing

We provide comprehensive book publishing services, including manuscript evaluation, editing, cover design, formatting, and printing.

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Our team of skilled designers can create eye-catching book covers, interior layouts, and promotional materials to enhance your book's visual appeal.

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Author Community

Join our vibrant online Author Community platform to connect with fellow writers, share ideas, and gain valuable insights into the world of publishing.


Sales and Distribution

TFP can help distribute your books through various channels, including online retailers, bookstores, and libraries, to reach a broader audience.

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Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing experts can assist you in developing effective promotional strategies, including online and offline marketing campaigns, social media promotion, and book launches.

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Copyright and Legal Support

We can assist with copyright registration and provide legal guidance related to intellectual property rights.

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Join TFP Author Community

Become part of our thriving online Author Community platform, where you can network with fellow writers, exchange creative ideas, and access invaluable insights into the dynamic realm of publishing.

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Author Dashboard

Your comprehensive tool for real-time sales reporting, royalty tracking, and book management, all at your fingertips. Our intuitive dashboard empowers authors like you to navigate your literary career with ease.

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Author Dashboard

We boast a dynamic team of literary wizards, ready to bring your stories to life!

We have a dynamic team of expert wordsmiths, creative minds, and publishing wizards ready to transform your literary dreams into reality at TFP.

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Custom Educational Book Publishing and Distribution

Experience our specialized service for creating and publishing custom course books and school materials tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions. We collaborate closely with schools and colleges to develop curriculum-specific content, design, and formatting, ensuring high-quality educational resources. Our comprehensive service includes content creation, editing, proofreading, design, printing, and distribution, ensuring that your institution has access to top-tier educational materials to enhance the learning experience for students and educators alike. Trust us to deliver engaging and informative course books that support your educational goals and reach schools and colleges nationwide.


What They Say About Us

Testimonials from Satisfied Authors and Clients

Ayushi Shrma

A Rewarding Publishing Journey with Turbo Flash Publications

I couldn't be more delighted with the exceptional publishing experience I had with Turbo Flash Publications. From the moment I submitted my manuscript to the final book in my hands, the TFP team displayed unparalleled professionalism, dedication, and expertise. They transformed my vision into a beautifully crafted book, and their attention to detail in editing and design was remarkable. TFP's support extended beyond publishing, as they provided valuable marketing guidance, helping me reach a wider audience. I highly recommend TFP to any author seeking a partner who truly cares about their success. Thank you, TFP, for making my publishing dream a reality.

Ayushi Shrma

Huma Ansari

Impressed by the Creative Designs

I am genuinely impressed by the creative designs provided by Turbo Flash Publications (TFP). As an author, I understand the importance of a book's visual appeal, and TFP exceeded my expectations. Their design team demonstrated exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and a keen understanding of my vision. The cover design they crafted for my book perfectly captured the essence of my story, drawing readers in at first glance. I highly recommend TFP for their exceptional design services and commitment to delivering outstanding results. They've added a new dimension to my work, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you, TFP!

Huma Ansari

Author, Walidail
Sarfaraz Hidayat

Impressed by Design Excellence and Speedy Publishing

"I am truly impressed with Turbo Flash Publications! Their designing services exceeded my expectations, turning my vision into a stunning book cover that captured the essence of my work perfectly. Not only that, but their lightning-fast publishing services ensured my book was available to readers sooner than I could have hoped for. Turbo Flash Publications is a game-changer in the publishing industry, and I am grateful for their exceptional support in bringing my book to life.

Sarfaraz Hidayat

Gulnaj Khan

An Outstanding Publishing Experience with Turbo Flash Publications!

I am truly delighted with the exceptional services provided by Turbo Flash Publications. The design work on my book cover was not only visually stunning but also perfectly captured the essence of my story. Their fast publishing services were remarkable; I couldn't believe how quickly my book went from manuscript to a finished product in the hands of eager readers. Turbo Flash Publications has exceeded my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to fellow authors. Thank you for making my publishing journey a breeze!

Gulnaj Khan

Author, Daurti Hui Duniya

Easy Publishing Process at TFP

Our Publishing Process: From Manuscript to Masterpiece

Discover the Four Key Steps to Publishing Success

Step 1

Manuscript Evaluation

Our publishing journey begins with a thorough evaluation of your manuscript. Our team of experienced editors and reviewers assess your work's content, structure, and quality to ensure it meets our standards for publication. This step helps authors understand the strengths and areas for improvement in their manuscripts.

Step 2

Editing and Design

Once your manuscript passes the evaluation, we move on to the editing and design phase. Our skilled editors refine your content, addressing grammar, punctuation, and style, while our designers craft eye-catching book covers and interior layouts that make your book visually appealing and professional.

Step 3

Printing and Production

With the editing and design complete, we proceed to the printing and production phase. Your book is formatted, prepared for printing, and quality-checked to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. We offer options such as traditional printing and print-on-demand services to suit your needs.

Step 4

Distribution and Marketing

The final step is to get your book into the hands of readers. We offer distribution services that include making your book available through online retailers, bookstores, and libraries. Our marketing team can help create buzz around your book with promotional strategies, online and offline marketing campaigns, and book launch support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Common Queries About Our Publishing Services

1. How do I submit my manuscript for publishing with Turbo Flash Publications?

To submit your manuscript, simply visit our website and navigate to the "Submit Manuscript" page. Follow the provided guidelines to upload your manuscript, and our team will review it to determine its suitability for our publishing services.

2. What services are included in Turbo Flash Publications' publishing packages?

Our publishing packages include a range of services, such as manuscript evaluation, editing, design, formatting, printing, distribution, and marketing. The specific services can vary depending on the package you choose. We offer customizable packages to meet your unique publishing needs.

3. How long does the publishing process typically take with Turbo Flash Publications?

The timeline for the publishing process can vary based on factors such as manuscript length, complexity, and the services you select. However, on average, our streamlined process can take several weeks to a few months from manuscript submission to the release of your book. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your book reaches readers as efficiently as possible.

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Seamless Integrations: Expanding Horizons with Turbo Flash Publications

  • LAPS
  • Humrang Foundations
  • Zyqa Kitchen
  • AGMP
  • Printster
  • Brand Name
Little Angels Public School, Azam Trust Foundation.

Little Angels Public School, Azam Trust Foundation.

Turbo Flash Publications (TFP) is proud to announce our successful integration with LAPS Educational Institution. This partnership empowers LAPS to offer customized educational materials to its students, enhancing the learning experience with tailored course books and resources.

Educational Institution
Humrang Foundation

Humrang Foundation

Turbo Flash Publications is proud to announce its integration with the Humrang Foundation, a vibrant community of Hindi authors and poets based in New Delhi. This collaboration aims to empower Hindi writers by providing them with professional publishing services and a platform to showcase their literary works, fostering a thriving ecosystem of literary creativity in the heart of India's capital. Together, we are dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the rich tapestry of Hindi literature.

Literary Community

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